Review – Avon Illuminating Face Pearls

14 Jun

Avon Illuminating Face Pearls - £9.00

As with all Avon products, I don’t recommend buying full price, they have offers on so often, it’ll only be a few weeks and you can get it so much cheaper.

So far, with make-up, Avon haven’t impressed me that much. You don’t seem to get much, but you don’t pay much either. However, with this product, Avon have redeemed themselves.

Avon say - ‘Gives cheeks and brow a subtle, radiant sheen.’

Seeing that Avon aren’t the most talkative lot when it comes to their products, here’s my review :).

These Illuminating face pearls are really easy to use. Sometimes with blusher it can be easily overloaded, a few swirls with the kabuki brush sweep across your cheeks and your done. These pearls are amazing for highlighting your cheeks, adding a nice glow, and its subtle, nothing too dramatic so they’re suitable for everyday wear, and you can build it up for an amazing glow on a night out.

If your like me and need to wear blusher everyday to look alive, these are brilliant. You don’t need to apply more blusher on top as they add a colour as well and they also make you glow. Adding life and making your skin look healthy. You can build it up to the amount you need to highlight your cheeks, making them suitable for all skin tones.

This are brilliant for sweeping over your foundation. For a really good even coverage, dust some powder on your face first, this will stop the powers from the pearls sticking to your foundation and looking blotchy. You can also dust powder over the top and the colour and glow will still show through.

One thing I’ve noticed with powder blusher is it doesn’t last all day. These pearls however last all day easily. They’re still there making you look wonderful at the end of the day. I can’t see myself turning back now I’ve tired these, they lack in flaws. Being so easy to use, not caking on your skin and looking to obvious, and lasting all day.




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